Monday, November 23, 2009

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (31)

FINALLY!!! Haul arrived from today!!!! Took about 2 & 1/2 weeks to reach... anyway, a teeny bit disappointed with this lot.. cos got 1 wrong pack!!! But anyway, I'll still be able to use it to replace my older one,... more details later... Overall, HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

(1) Hyper Enforcer (with Jolt)
Yeap, this is the one that was wrongly packed in... I had ordered a yellow Guard Star (Brave / Yuusha series) but this came instead... anyway, intend to use this to replace my older piece, which had a non-rotatable car-top.

(2) WST Optimus Prime w/ Trailer
Nice haul!!! No need to fork out tons of $ just to get a WST Optimus Prime and the even rarer trailer... will take pics of this and the G1 original together, will be a cute sight, hahaha.... The trailer's back door was damaged with a broken pin, but quickly repaired it... Sweet...

(3) Oversized Devastator
Woah! Oversized Devastator!!! This piece is almost as big as Predaking!!! Very very tempted to paint this piece into lime green and purple... but.. will see how lah... definitely will mod the face, haha... Now I got 4 sizes of Devastator...

... notice how the colours closely follow that of ROTF? Yeap, it is supposed to be a G1 Devastator in movie colours!!!

(4) Shrapnel
Insecticons!!! Finally!!! Was so tempted to buy the re-issue when it was released... now only missing Kickback.. but nevermind, gotten 2 out of 3 is good enough... It is slightly oversized, but still slightly smaller than the newer orange-coloured version.

(5) Bombshell
Woot!!! Another piece of gem!!! ... Somehow I felt this face looks more like the cartoon version than the authentic one... =)

(6) Star Saber
Now this is a big piece!!!! Should I let it resume command to square off against it's old nemesis, Deathsaurus???? hmm... perhaps... not... hahaha...

... again, funny typical chinese translations in "Engrish"... Nice metallic colour of Star Saber artwork though...

(7) Sixshot
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sixshot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally own one (original size)!!!!!!!!!!!! .... wait... is this original size? Think so... anyway, cool..... now this piece is tempting me to get its mini version.. ok, will check out in Genting, else, will turn to reliable

Quite satisfied with, except for the long wait for tracking infor and email, and the wrong item packed... still, I give it a score of 80/100, with the helpful Mike in his emails... most likely to buy from it in the future...

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