Friday, November 13, 2009

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (27)

Quite a happy day today, although is Friday the 13th... First, looking back, yesterday bought my long long due folding bike, yeah, not a good brand (its Aleoca), but think is good enough for my occasion shopping trips around my neighbourhood, or Sunday ECP trips... Today went to meet up a part-time KO seller to get from him the KO Kabaya kits... Sweet! Eddie, if you are reading this, big thanks to you again! So now, I shall list my haul in order of my favourite (save the best for the last)

(8) God Bomber / Apex Bomber
Eh... too big for combining with the Powermaster Optimus Prime (opps! Leak one out!)... not a full "transformer" but rather a "part-former"... but still, I would want to get it... hmm.. can I do a wacky size God Ginrai (or rather Super PM-OP)???

(7) Getaway
Heh, I got a KO of Getaway in Bumblebee outfit, hahaha... but the powermaster that comes with it is not able to transform and at that time I am tired to bash, so I just live without a powermaster for Getaway... Now this one has a powermaster to accompany!

(6) Darkwing
One half of the evil twins powermasters... Would be in my No. 5th had the tail fins not gone missing 1 piece... nevermind, will bash back...

(5) Dreadwind
Its placed at 5th because it has all parts intact, hahaha... joking... note these 2 powermaster twins can actually combine! Or at least the pictures in some websites show...

(4) Fortress Maximus
Fort Max!!!! Its even smaller than my micro sized Fort Max!! Amazing.... Now the head is non-transformable, but I intend to ... you know what, right? =)

(3) Powermaster Optimus Prime
Awesome!!!! It is the Powermaster OP version (non-retractable fists), not Super Ginrai. Very small... Actually I already got a mini KO of God Ginrai (read GOD GINRAI, NOT Apex Prime)... this should be interesting...

(2) Scorponok
"Zarak did it!!!!" yessss.... Scorponk is finally here!!!! However, Zarak is permanently fused to the body... and Zarak (i.e. Scorponok head) is now EXTREMELY SMALL, so it will be extremely difficult to bash... really, may beat or equal WST Ravage's record if I do really manage to do it! SO this is KIV first... nice... my current Scorponok substitute is Animated Lugnut, with his "scorpion" mode... now I have a "real" Scorponok, sweet....

(1) Sixshot
YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Sixshot!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!! Its like I will never get to own him, can't seem to find him anyway over my long long almost 10 years of collection... I did order one KO from but till now no response (just send the guy an email, hope it gets resolved very soon).. so now I finally own 1 specimen of it, hahaha..... so tempting to assemble him...

Till next time... I want my KO TFs to be delivered soon!!!!!
p.s. Want to commend on Eddie, this kind seller gives a free set of Road Caesar to replace my 1 piece wrongly-packed one... Thanks again!


  1. Dear Personguy,
    i'm hunting knockoffs, and im wondering where you get yours' from.
    Im fron california, and i'd like to know where you are getting these god-damned beautiufll KO's.

    email me at if you have info, or just reply here. i'll check back later!

  2. Hi, wow, this post is 6 years plus ago, thanks for visiting. My KOs used to be mainly from my local neighbourhood shops, then switched to, but it is a China-based website. though now does open up to overseas shipping, you probably still need translations or an agent from your country (if have) to buy on behalf. I believe there are other sources which some people frequent, e.g.,, etc... though I have not bought from these places before. Hope this helps!