Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (5)

Was raining yesterday, so ferry my colleague down the street to his house so he will not get drenched. Then 顺便 turn over to the ... dunno wat place lah, in Tampines... Jalan jalan... then saw these KO Kabaya kits! Ok, so the front graphics doesn't show what is inside the package, but you can look at the back to check what it is...

(1) Remoulded Animated Bulkhead
Legends sized. I am not sure whether I want to bash this into a more Animated looking one... still pending... the head is a bit too big, and the robot mode is entirely different...

I have since decided to use his parts to make Ariel (Paradrone Type)'s arms, which I carved them out (they are moulded to the motorcycle body as 1 piece)... So its bye bye Bulkhead...

(2) G1 Minibot Cliffjumper
Man, I am lucky, found a red Cliffjumper! Which means it is nearer to the original one!

(3) G1 Minibot Brawn
Hahaha, this robot mode is so weird, was tempted to not buy it, but after some considerations (nostalgic feelings), I decide to get it...

(4) Energon Arcee
Female transformers never did catch my attention... So why did I buy this? Well, at then when I was squatting down uncomfortably and flipping the packs ferociously, I thought it was Lugnutz... Nevermind, most likely I will turn it into... Ariel (Paradron Type)... colour similar...

(5) Legends Movie Barricade
Neat little figure, I think I will keep the sharp pointed knife-hands, instead of scouting small hands for it...

Next 4 are my favourites, cos I happen to see this set in 1 forum... I was thinking to myself, man, I gotta get this if I can... and lucky enough, I manage to get all 4 pieces of it... Who is it?.... It's...

(6) SUPER BUILD TIGER !!!!!!!!!!!
And the best thing is, I GOT ALL THE SAME IN RED COLOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweeeeet.... Flaming Super Build Tiger... Hope the individual bots can transform.... looks like they can, cos they also got the little heads and arms...

(i) Drill Boy

(ii) Mac Crane

(iii) Dumpson

Dumpson's head is simplified: it has a pin as a neck to push into a hole (1/2 depression on both sides of each half of the body, as the body needs to split to form Build Tiger's legs)
(iv) Power Joe

... Can't wait to get these fixed up...


  1. I regret not purchasing the KO CLiffjumper and Brawn when they were released, would you be willing to part with these for cash,please contact me on sovannsorn1@gmail.com


    1. Can't, the KO Kabaya Brawn has gone missing now, and I cannot bear to sell off the KO Kabaya Cliffjumper, too much emotional attachment...

    2. no worries thank you for replying, if you happen to come across one in the market I would love to have one, cheers