Sunday, December 29, 2013

Update - Bootleg G1 Technobots

Finally got time to put stickers and 'play' with the transformation... Most of the joints are tight, and a couple overly-tight, like the landing gear of Scattershot... Of course, as a bootleg, there are bound to have loose joints, for example, Nosecone's arms-turned-caterpillar-tracks will become loose but still not affect the stability of the vehicle mode...

Computron!!!!! Yeah!!!! Finally!!!! And he is a bootleg!!! Hahaha... Nice....


  1. Do any of these guys have manufacture stamps on them ?

  2. Thanks muchly for that illuminating reply, my good sir. And since we are lighting each other's lanterns, in a matter of speaking, may I kindly point out that "etc." (which, if you were not aware, is short for "et cetera/caetera") contains the word "and" ("et"). Therefore, your blog title is redundant. You do not need the "&" because "etc." already has the word "and" in it. So you can either call your blog "My KO Transformers etc." or "My KO Transformers & other (sundry) things". Pick one or the other.


  3. Most welcomed. Yes, I am aware what etc means. Nope, I shall call whatever I like for my blog, and my blog title is NOT redundant, only grammatically incorrect... hahaha... Humans come out words and rules, and rules, like all things, are not permanent...