Sunday, January 6, 2013

Update: KO "Kabaya" - Spychanger Optimus Prime, G1 Sideswipe

They are finally assembled...

KO "Kabaya" Spychanger Optimus Prime
Wonderful little KO.... and it doesn't have awkwardly coloured parts from the 2 coloured kit pieces... Joints are quite tight, but spent some time figuring out how to assemble the arms connector-pieces... This KO measures approx. 6cm from shoulder to feet ( and roughly 5cm from head to feet)...

Vehicle mode...

KO "Kabaya" G1 Sideswipe
White colour G1 Sideswipe!!!!!! Hahahaha... Due to this KO's colour combination, this KO looks so weird.... Had to fix up much some loose parts though, as well as fix up the old stickers and make some new ones.... luckily have my Selleys Plastic Glue... It measures roughly 8cm from head to feet... The head sculpt and transformation is not good, but this is due to the original Kabaya toy design... Anyway, good enough...

Vehicle mode... Still feel this looks better than the robot mode...


  1. Hey man. Would you mind sharing the taobao links for the G1 Kabaya kits that you posted before?

  2. I don't have the links anymore; was quite a long time ago when I bought. You can try this though (, this will bring you to the search page for some G1 Kabaya kits. Do note some sellers may not be available anymore. Hope this helps!

    1. I really appreciate this link! It helped me find some awesome bootlegs at freakishly low prices, but unfortunately i didint see any kabaya, bootleg or otherwise (Except the Seacons, which i already purchased, they are amazing). And im trying to find the red-alert/sideswipe and scourge/hero optimus kits but i dont know chinese and google translate is well, google translate, can you update the link, i know these are pretty old links.

    2. also i'm pretty sure thats' not sideswipe, but Red Alert(G1) who uses the same mold as sideswipe, except red/white

    3. Lemme see... try this "" ? Disclaimer: Will not be responsible for any transactions outcome. Hope this helps! =)

    4. Hahaha, then I am also pretty sure you are not right in this case, G1 Kabaya Red Alert has the siren part on the top of the car (either mold on directly or car body should have peg-hole(s, refer to "") to mount it), which this KO Kabaya Sideswipe does not have. Hope this clarifies!

    5. Hey man, thanks for the link, the model kits that came up are either 404'd or out of my price range but something should show up eventualy, i also found some sick gobots. Appreciate the response!