Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Update: Kabaya Brave Candy (Gum) Toy - King ExKizer

... or King ExKaiser, as some people spelled them as... This candy/gum toy kit contains many small parts and some of them drops out quite easily, so not recommended to smaller kids...  When assembling, some joints (eg. tight-covers that swivel, double-hinged joints for the big robot shoulders, etc) also need trimming for better fit, so do be aware...  Anyway, here it comes!!!

ExKizer with King Loader in vehicle mode... Exkizer seemed a little too small, weird proportion...

ExKizer, disengage!

Super small ExKizer in vehicle mode, closed-up picture to shows the lion-head logo...

After a "perfect transformation" (i.e. no parts-forming), ExKizer is now in robot mode, measuring about 2.9cm from head to toe... extremely tiny... the shoulders can move about due to the ball-joints but with limited range, and a single knee-joint for both legs...

ExKizer and King Loader, ready to combine! (note: King Loader also has a "perfect transformation", but extreme extrmeme care must be taken, else parts will fall...)

Combine to form...

... King ExKizer! ... Articulation-wise, the head can turn 360 degree (theoretically), and a little tilting up and down. Shoulders cannot rotate but the elbows can be bent though, so can make it hold the sword upright. Legs can open up (sideways) for the typical leg-open-big-big "Oppa Japan-robo Style". Feet can move up/down a little due to transformation...

Its actually quite tiring to assemble these small sized kits, so might be retiring for a while before I resume to assemble the other 2 kits... To be honest, I bought this set of 3 kits primarily for this King ExKizer only, as I already have the original-sized KO J-Decker, and I don't really like GaoGaiGar... nevertheless, they are quite good display pieces...


  1. Looking good. Just discovered the full sized bot over the weekend and considering it for my May haul.

  2. You found the masterpiece version? It is super nice! Do consider! =)

  3. Any extra GaoGaiGars for sale by chance? I got Exkaiser and JDecker, but I would love GGG! :)
    Just hit up my account with a reply if you have a spare or want to get rid of yours? TY for the great review!

  4. Hi, no more GGG, sorry. Perhaps you can try eBay, I remember seeing these before last time.