Sunday, November 25, 2012

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of TFs & Such (148) - Kabaya Kits (Gobots)

Gotten this today at CSC... because the robots vaguely resemble the Gobots toys... a bit modernized... but not very sure... Cost $18! Think is cheaper than buy from Taobao, hahaha...

Update 1: #4 "Throttle"/"Reverse Cy-kill"
Not sure if this little gobot is supposed to be based on Cy-kill (with similar transformation except the legs are folded in opposite direction; hence "Reverse Cy-kill") or Throttle (their
robot heads style are similar...) The bike can stay up on the 2 broad wheels, and rolls very well!

And the bot mode is quite good too! However, the arms are a little difficult to pull out and they might just pop off when pulling as the arms have only a simple round peg to plug into the holes for swiveling... Joints are relatively tight, just nice and not loose at all...

Update 2: #1 "Hans-Cuff"
Built the Hans-cuff lookalike yesterday night, and have spent triple the time to paste the stickers onto it, lousy stickers.... but the end result looks good!!!

Update 3: #2 "Pumper"
Very heavily rely on stickers for the redness of the body... but in the end looks ok... The legs have a unique transformation path when sliding... Don't really like the exposed fingers though...

Update 4: #3 "RestQ"
Looks and transform gobot-ish, good... very stocky, but the arms look thin from the side... overall fun to transform... 

Edit: More pics of RestQ...

p.s. Have ordered the candy toy kits of Yuusha series: King Exkizer, J-Decker and Gaogaigar.... From the youtube reviews, they seem to be nicely designed with "perfect transformation" except for Gaogaigar's lion head-chest... Hope they arrive asap...


  1. Those remind me of the Machine Robo Capsule toys from several years ago...

  2. Possible... I tried to translate the japanese words on the box but could not make any sense out of them... Nevertheless, they are kind of good for display, and play while bored! =)

  3. these "model kits" have fascinated me, I can ask you a favor? Could you take more pictures of the robot mode "ResQ"? ,
    is great! I live in Lima, Peru, and I wonder what I could do to get them!

  4. Hi, I am in the midst of re-doing my room, so not sure where I have kept my TFs, but have put up my remaining 2 pics of RestQ... You might want to try to search for them in eBay? =)