Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (147) - (Bootleg) Gobots : Spay-C

Finally it arrived!!!!! Bootleg Gobots: Spay-C !!!!!! Yesss!!!!! Hahaha... This little thing is an important milestone in my childhood memories... When I was in primary 3~4, I was diagnosed with double-vision, and was supposed to go for operation... So I was quite sad and scared... and a couple of days before my operation, I got this (upon request, actually) as a gift from my mother, to encourage me... Though in the end I did not require an operation upon detail check-up by the specialist, I still treat this little toy as my lucky charm... until 1 day it was lost... or did I throw it away??.... hmm... anyway, very happy to see this being sold in eBay one day, and without hesitation, I bought it immediately... Nostalgic.... Cost around $25.35


  1. Nice! Love me some KOs! He doesn't appear to be different from the Go-Bots release.

  2. Hi, thanks! Think this bootleg does lack the silver-chromed "belt" which the real one has... Though it does not matter to me at all, hahaha...