Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of Such (139) - Kamen Rider DX Decade Henshin Belt

My parcel from eBay arrived!!! Yes! The Kamen Rider DX Decade Henshin Belt that I gotten at USD45.50, free shipping... so much affordable compared to the lowest I seen at about SGD80! Hahaha... Anyway, quite ok, noting that it is the Korean version... I tried to make some Final Attack Ride cards (Decade and Kiva), as my nephew loves to hear the "De-de-de-de-cade", "Ki-ki-ki-ki-va" etc... so downloaded some picture templates for he cards and printed out... Works! But the card is a bit flimsy, despite using double-sided tape to paste 2 pieces of 80gsm paper... Need to find good paper/cards to print...

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