Saturday, May 5, 2012

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs and Such (138) - KOs: Safeguard (TFA), Rotorstorm, Optimal Optimus, Roadfire, Battle Tanker; FA Anakin Lightsaber, LRS Ichigo Henshin Belt

Haul from Taobao arrived!!!! Super efficient! Just paid the 2nd payment in the afternoon, and late evening called to say they are delivering! My haul also includes some Ultraman transforming devices, but will not take photos of them, as they are supposed to be for my nephew rather than me (only 1 super simplified Tiga's Spark Lens is mine, bought for fun...) Anyway, KO TFs first:

KO TFA Safeguard
They are almost the bootleg version... have not open the box, but they seem to have loose joints in the legs... anyway, cost about $11.30...

KO Rotorstorm
Yeah! A good helicopter transformer!... Sigh... missing a missile launcher... shall have to make 1 for him then... sigh... haha... Cost about $15.30...

KO Optimal Optimus
Wow, am amazed by the size of this TF... though I have anticipated this leader size KO but still quite surprised... Not sure if this will have brittle plastics, hopefully not... Cost about $35.30...

KO Roadfire
Yeah, gotten this uncommon TF/KO, happy... But the transformation is too simplistic... Anyway, rare is good already... Seller is the same as KO Rotorstorm's... Cost about $15.30...

KO Battle Tanker
Yes yes yes!!! Fianlly able to own a Battle Tanker set, regardless this is a KO! I DON'T CARE!!! HAHAHA.... Though I pray the quality will not be too bad... If something like the City Commander, then I am already happy... Cost about $35.50...

Edit: The quality... is not as good as hoped for, maybe it is just my set... but the are many parts with stress marks, some looking dangerously as if snapping off soon... and these are the small little post found around the center-rotating piece (if you know what I mean)... In fact I forget to put back 1 of the spring-ratcheting part that click-rotates the circular piece for the huge arm-cannons, but turns out to be a blessing, as now the circular piece can be done with ease... The blue tabs at the feet cannot snap properly into the OP's feet bottom, but still quite ok... Joints at the feet and back stabilizing posts are also loose... Anyway, need to tighten up some more joints in both the Battle Tanker and OP figure... Overall, not bad, not bad... Oh, I took off the face plate of the new head to paint the eyes properly, as well as scrape off some paint inside the ball socket, and fit it onto the neck ball-joint before putting the the face plate back...

Now comes the non TFs:

Force Action Anakin Lightsaber
The Clone Wars version... bought this to have a proper duel battle with my nephew using the Darth Vadar's version! Hahaha... Tried out the electronics, but... sad to say, the lights are even worse than Darth Vadar's... Anyway, cost about $43.50...

Legend Rider Series - Kamen Rider New Ichigo Henshin Belt
Just 1 word "AWESOME"!!!! This is not the DX version, but the newer (and "lousier") Legend Rider Series (LRS) version of the Kamen Rider New Ichigo's Henshin Belt... It does not have a motor to spin the center piece, using simple mechanism to turn instead. The electronic sounds of transformation is good, though you might need to spin the center piece a few times to see the light patterns clearly. The centre piece is actually missing the "fan blades", which I am going to add in myself. The side "plates" are unpainted (red plastic used), not silver. Not sure if I should paint them silver, for I fear the rubbery plastic might not be compatible with the paint... The side "plates" also seemed too big, compared to the belt strap... anyway, I need to get a red belt to slide in the main belt piece and wear it on my 35/36-inch tummy... Wow, seems that I talk too many negatives... So why did I say this belt is awesome? Simply because IT IS THE ANTIQUE DESIGN OF THE FIRST KAMEN RIDER BELT!!! Hahahaha.... That alone is good enough for me... "Henshin!" "Rider-Kick!"... Hahaha...Cost about $50.20...

Now waiting for my Kamen Rider Decade DX Henshin belt to come... 1st time using eBay to ship item directly to S'pore... Hope everything turns out fine...


  1. Hi, about that KO Optimal Optimus, I heard a lot of people say that the plastic is brittle and you basically can't transform without breaking it even the first time. How did it turn out for you? Plus, there are 5 other KOs with similar box made by the same manufacturer, did you get any of those?

    - Joe

  2. Hi, I hadn't really transform this thing fully, but the plastic is not as bad, but definitely need to transform with care.. I believe the breakage is due to the chrome plastics used, which are generally more prone to brittleness... I try to slowly wriggle/swivel the parts when transforming the parts... No, I can't remember if I have bought the others but I watched this review ( of the KO Sixshot and it seemed quite ok...

  3. Ahhh, OK, I may need to do some work myself to strengthen the brittle parts. I bought the entire set toy (6) recently, Will see how their quality turns out to be.

    - Joe

  4. Just ran across your blog this evening. Please tell me where you found that KO Rotorstorm and Roadfire!!!

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  6. I also am very interested in your roadfire.. Can you help me locate another? I need it to complete my big powered!

  7. Hi flywheels and Tamaron, I bought my Rotorstorm and Roadfire from "", which is a China platform similar to eBay. You might need a local agent of your country to help you do the buying though, as China only uses their own local credit card / banks for transaction. My current agent (for Singapore) is "". Just checked the taobao seller I bought them from, the Rotorstorm has no more stock and the Roadfire ( left with 1. Hope this helps! =) Do note the Roadfire has no "automorph" feature though...

  8. Hey this is Mike , I spoke with you last year from my friend rons' computer about your roadfire.. I attempted to obtain an agent and failed to do so before the item sold out. Are you at all interested in selling yours .. I will pay$$$$$$$ or have you found another or even better an original? Please email me at :

    Thanx :)

  9. Hi Mike, no, am not selling the Roadfire. I checked and found 1 though ( Hope it helps!

  10. Fantastic items! The Rotorstorm KO is a thing of beauty, would you be able to help me search for this item on Taobao? What search term should I be using?

  11. Hi, I tried searching just now but yields no results. I used quite a few terms, the basic term being 变形金刚, also added some terms like 祖国, 老D, 怀旧, 直升机 behind the basic. Even tried with the wrongly used name 沙漠风暴 as an added term but could not find one. You might want to search the 变形金刚 老D, then find a seller to search his/her items in detail. Hope this helps.