Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Restoration : KO City Commander & KO Classics Ultra Magnus

Restored my KO City Commander and KO Classics UM recently... Again, used the polystyrene piece to tighten the shoulder and arm armour pieces, works like a charm... Gotten a green translucent sword for him too, to match up with his nemesis!!!

Removed the ugly red Decepticon (with mouth) insignia on his shoulders, tightened some joints, and some slight paint on his mouth-mask...

For the KO City Commander's shoulder and armour pieces, I super-glued a piece of polystyrene on each of the inner surfaces to reduce the space, making a tight fit when sliding in the shoulders and arms. Once again, thanks to the person who suggested this, sorry I'm not able to google out who you are. Works like a charm! BTW, I just realised that it might be that the KO Classics Primes are very very very slightly smaller than the real deal. I remember some people mentioned the KO City Commander fits slightly better on the real Classics Primes, compared to fitting onto KO Classics Primes... Doesn't matter...

The trailer fits well with the KO UM. Looks good... (yes, the sword is able to be stored inside the trailer like the Shadow's...)

Ultra Magnus!!!!! As the set came with a sword holder too, I use it to clip on to the new sword (gotten long time ago)... sweet...

Maximum firepower!!!! (Yeap, configure the BFG to the artillery cannon...)

John Woo style.... hahaha...

Took some time to shave off the sword's handle to fit into the fist-hole... Looks great!!!! City Commander's sword is slightly shorter than Shadow's, though doesn't really matter...

When 2 commanders meet....

On guard!!!!!

Next on restoration list: KO Masterpiece Optimus Prime..... !!!!!


  1. hi akuna prime. please tell more about the polystyrene. specifically where and what to buy.

  2. Hi, perhaps you'd like to Google about polystyrene to know more about it... not sure online can buy but if you are in S'pore, think u can try searching in Bras Brasah Complex, there's a shop "Art Friends" which may sell.

  3. hi akuna prime. i am not in singapore, but in usa. would like to know the thickness of polystyrene i would need to make this modification to the armor. i am figuring i would need to purchase strips or a sheet.

  4. Hi, oh, I am not very sure of the thickness, but it's likely to be 1mm thick. Actually I saw some other forum-ers used cardboard instead, and they said it worked... Alternately, you might want to find & recycle some thin (plastic?) materials from everyday items (eg. plastic bottle drinks, old unwanted photographs, etc...), maybe it'll work too? Just some suggestions.. =) Best of luck in your restoration! =)

  5. I used 3 layers of business card paper with dubble-stick scotch tape, and it worked great! It was basically whatever I could find lying around the house since I didn't have any "polystyrene" in the junk drawer. XD

  6. Definitely worth the $39.99 i paid for it on KO Toys. The paint is a bit lighter than the original, but it actually fits the color of the figure better, so in a sense, it improves upon it.

  7. Congratulations on the "achievement", PhotonWaveZero! Always happy to see / hear of another fellow KO kollector to restore a KO to good conditions! =) Yes, I agree with you, it is definitely worth the $. =)