Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (56) - KO G1 Seekers, KO City & Shadow Commanders

Ordered from "Go Taobao Shopping" the other day, to test out their service... fast response, but they are unable to locate 1 parcel to deliver to me, so still waiting for it (KO Orange Insecticons + KO Classics Ultra Magnus) till now, but they promise to investigate the store video, and if still can't find, will either refund me or buy on their own to deliver... Anyway, here are the KOs received:

(1) KO G1 Seekers
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally got a (near) original size G1 Seeker mould... Very light, and comes with stickers, 2 types of missiles, fists, and the landing gears... Intend to update them into: Thrust & Acid Storm (red & green seekers to swap parts), Yellow rainmaker (Lightningstorm???) and purple one as... Slipstream??? ... Very nice piece, and as usual, needs tightening & loosening... Cost is around SGD $18.50 for 4 pieces... $4.70 per piece is worth it...

Edit: I swap the necessary parts, in order to get an Acid Storm to repaint into...

... as well as a Thrust to repaint into....

(2) KO City Commander
The KO version of FansProject's City Commander... Have not try out yet, as still missing my KO Classics Ultra Magnus... but at least I know it is not missing its waist armour piece... why do I say so? Read on... you should have also guess by now... Suspect the arm & shoulder pieces will be loose... and the car-plate tab also needs to work on... Cost slightly more than the Shadow version, around $44.60...

Edit: Tried out KO City Commander with my KO Henkei Prime... realised there are some differences from the KO Shadow version... eg. no tab piece to lock on fist for arm-pieces... It did comes with a sword connector after all!!!


(3) KO Shadow Commander
This set comes with a small ziplock bag of tabs for screw holes... also comes with 2 faces, sword holder, sword... BUT WITHOUT WAIST-AMOUR PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh... no wonder is slightly cheaper than the City version, around $40.50... nevermind, can make a waist piece... hee hee...

Tried with my KO Classics Nemesis Prime... Nice trailer....

Man, I never imagine I can own a Commander armour... Oh, and the BFG is too damn heavy for the KO to hold up and pose... and indeed, shoulder pieces and arm pieces are loose... but can be rectified... the BFG's also has a shorten piece that will not let the whole "handle" piece to click in place... Leg pieces are tight though...

Hope the missing parcel can be found / delivered soon... And hope the next order will be smooth...

Edit: The agent have re-ordered the missing items, and I will be receiving most of my order items soon, happy... hope the final shipment can also come soon... hopefully in time with this coming batch...


  1. how can you fix the shoulder pieces? and also the arms that don't have the clips to lock in place? just curious, i also have a ko shadow commander as well as a ko ultra magnus.

  2. Hi Matt. Mine are loose too...

    Probably could be rectified, not thought of it in detail yet, though very likely I will be using superglue(apply evenly & let dry) to increase the thickness of the places that will be in contact with the shoulders... likely the super glue will also make the flexible pieces more rigid... hopefully these will give a tighter fit...

    Yeap, I look inside the arm-piece's cavity (where the UM/OP/NP arm go in), the shadow version has a piece of "clip" to hold onto (I believe is) the fist area, but this is not found in my city version... Likely I will only be fixing/restoring these KOs in December, very busy now, and still got lots of others (KOs) still waiting, will try to post pics if I manage to fix it next time...

    Hope this helps! =)

  3. I'm still new to all of this. What does KO stand for

  4. KO stands for knockoff, which could be thought of as "unofficial" versions of a product, usually much much cheaper. For Transformers toys, I will classify the weird "unofficial" versions as KOs if they are either funnily-colour, different sizes, changes in mold-cast pieces, etc. For those without much change, I term them bootlegs (very close to original copies), and usually they MIGHT be a bit more expensive. Hope it helps!

  5. Hi Akuna Prime,

    May I know where can I buy this KO tf classics ultra Magnus and city commander armor?


  6. Hi Gary!

    I got them from Taobao.com, via a local "middle-man" agent called 'Go Taobao Shopping' ( http://gotaobaosg.com/default.aspx ). You'll need to surf Taobao.com to browse for the items, and order through 'Go Taobao Shopping' using their order form. Think they only do Singapore orders though. I bought the Ko UM from this Taobao page ( http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=4838734222 ) but the KO City Commander seller has no stock already. You can try to search for another seller or for the cheapest price. Do note of the instructions to follow when ordering from 'Go Taobao Shopping' though,if you are usig their service, and good luck to you and hope to hear from you soon as a owner of KO Ultra Magnus Commander! =)

  7. hey Akuna, did you also get the KO seekers from Taobao? Thanks!

  8. Hi Heroic Decepticon, yes, got them from TaoBao too, after failure searches locally... They are made of VERY light plastics, do note...

  9. Hi again,Akuna..can't help but to be amazed with this city commander, though it's a KO. I haven't seen both the original & KO,so was wondering what are the other main difference you can point out between those two?

  10. Hi bro Zhariff, what I actually meant in the post is the differences between my KO City Commander and KO Shadow Commander, I have not owned an original City Commander before =).

    You can also find the pictorial differences here:
    (1) http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/3rd-party-unlicensed-41/city-commander-ko-differences-highlighted-with-many-photos-168215/
    (2) http://www.fansproject.com/?p=292
    (3) http://cybertronphils.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=toyreview&action=print&thread=9839

    Hope it helps! =)