Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (99) - KO Oversize Wreckerhook, KO Oversize Air Hunter

Bought these 2 KOs a couple of days ago from NTUC Bedok Central... Surprised to find this type of KOs in NTUC... did not hesitate to buy because of (1) Price is only $6.90! (2) Have bought the KO Oversize RM Optimus Prime of this type before, so believes the joints should be tight ones...

KO Oversize Wreckerhook
Slightly oversize compared to my earlier oversized version, is somewhat in between the Voyager and Deluxe class. Joints are tight, bevel gears are working, eyes have translucent light-piping, windows are translucent too... Only small complaint is the legs are not made of red plastic but are painted red, so the pin to hold the 2 legs when closing to each other is stiff... No problem, just need to make the socket a little larger... 

Comparison with the older KO Wreckerhook (also oversize)...

KO Oversize Air Hunter
Again, joints are tight, so can stand properly... Good... Bought before a slightly oversize Air Hunter before, and due to its floppiness, it cannot even stand properly... This one also has translucent canopy windows...


  1. Where could one find these? I'd love to get a hod of them to do machine wars repaints. The wrecker hook is awesome!

    1. You may want to check out Sirtoys (http://sirtoys.com/toys.php?c=1&p=550&t=Robot_Masters_Wrecker_Hook.html) I think that one he sells is this version in my post, but can't confirm without the packaging box. A quick search on eBay returns with only 1 legit RM Wreckerhook. Hope this helps.

  2. Also. is there be any information on the box beyond "CONVERSION" that would/could allow me to track them down, Maybe on ebay?