Saturday, January 29, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (82) - KO Kabaya mini Deluxe ROTF Brawl, KO Kabaya Donald "Megatron" Duck TF, KO Kabaya G1 Sideswipe

Collected these from 65Daigou today... Buy 1 get 2 free from the seller, worth, hahaha...

KO Kabaya Legends mini Deluxe ROTF Brawl
3 pieces of parts!!! Certainly complex... It is free...

KO Kabaya Donald "Megatron" Duck TF
Yes, its free too!!! 2 pieces of parts, so should be a easy job to assemble...

KO Kabaya G1 Sideswipe
Initially wanted to buy the whole set of KO G1 Kabaya Wave 1, but due to Go TaoBao Shopping's super-long delay in forming me the particular seller OOS, I can't find another replacement seller who sells whole set cheap... Sigh... Anyway, this one will do... BTW, bro HKcelica, nowadays I got my KO Kabaya G1 TFs (rarely I can find 1 one) from, through local agency for Singapore only. You might want to search if any international TaoBao agency to get for you if you can't direct-deal with TaoBao (like in Singapore). Price (include 2 freebies) : $18.60

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