Friday, January 28, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (81) - KO Seawave, KO Legends The Fallen, KO Legends ROTF Sideswipe, KO Binaltech Tracks

Collected the final shipment from Go TaoBao Shopping... yes, I think it will BE the FINAL time I am collecting from them... Anyway, they waived off the sea-shipping and service charge to my (supposedly missing last time) haul this time, so the items are considered cheap...

KO Seawave
Its a freebie thrown in by the seller who sold me the KO ROTF Legends TFs... one of the arm pops out everytime I connect it... very stubborn, need to trim... Made of the shampoo-bottle-like plastics, so... but actually this type of plastic is good for ball joints, don't seem to wear out so easily...

KO Legends The Fallen
Oh no, the mighty Fallen has been shrunk down by a shrink-ray!!! Hahaha, so cute... Very good robot mode, but the jet mode is... transformation??? Or just excellent Yoga-bending of the limbs??? Hahahaha.... Lots of sprue, and some peg-holes and swivel-holes are also filled with overflown plastics... Price : $1.90

KO Legends ROTF Sideswipe
The design of this TF is quite amazing... good in both robot and car mode... as usual with all knockoffs, there will be parts with LOOSE joints... not a problem, can be solved... Price : $1.90

KO Binaltech Tracks
A slightly simplified version of Binaltech yellow Tracks. Yeap, I would have gotten the blue colour version if it is available, but since there is a yellow release, i got the yellow one... Not the usual good quality KO Alt/BT, this one has hole-pegs not fitting, and I can't transform to the car mode properly without touching up... Also, the retractable arm-guns are also left out. Good thing is joints are quite tight... Simpler transformation than the other KO Alt/BT TFs I bought... Overall, good (assuming after touching up) ... Price : $9.90

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