Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (76) - KO Constructicon Maximus, KO Oversize Cybertron Ransack, KO TFA Swoop, KO Ramulus, KO Powerglide, KO Seaspray

Collected a TaoBao order today.. very disappointed, reached the place then was informed that they had forgotten to inform me that the Liner Dagwon was out-of-stock, and the oversize Buster Prime wasn't sent to them... not to mention the non-reply-ness these few weeks... the staff/boss offered 50% off the sea-freight shipping, so still a consolation... well, what to do, already ordered for 2 more orders, so will just have to wait for the remaining 2 orders to arrive... I mean, I understand their situation which the staff/boss told me but then the incidents really makes me wonder if I should continue with their service... Anyway...

KO Constructicon Maximus
After some attempts over the year, finally got a chance to buy this. Steamhammer doesn't have the gestalt head though, so need to bash a head out... The package includes 2 Bonecrusher, so I just took 1 picture... Hope my existing Sledge is of the same size... Total price - $17.75... Note, all prices in SGD and include shipping, if any....

KO Oversize Cybertron Ransack (aka Gasket)
Why did I buy this??? hmmmm.... hahaha, dunno why also... Oh, this is not with the haul from TaoBao, bought it from a small shop in Bedok Central... Total price - $8

KO TFA Swoop
Looks good! Did not open the pack, so not sure if it is good. So now I have collected all 3 dinobots in TFA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha..... Total price - $6.80

KO Ramulus
A very rare TF, let alone a KO... I think... at least in S'pore, hahaha... anyway, very intrigued by the unusual alternate form... Hope the robot mode is good!!!!!! Total price - $9.10

KO G1 Powerglide
Yeah! My favourite of the haul!!!! Finally own a G1 Powerglide... Total price - $12.95

KO G1 Seaspray
My 2nd favourite... but seems its a bit too small compared to the other minibots... Total price - $12.95

Hope my 2 other orders will come soon... sigh...

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