Saturday, October 2, 2010

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of TFs & Etc (67) - KO TFs and KO/Sonokong Brave Gestalts

Yeah!!! Finally my TaoBao haul arrived!!!!! Actually email came to tell me to collect a few days earlier, but did not check email earlier, so only today then went down to collect... Cheap sea freight shipping!!! Only $36 for so many stuff... Here goes...


(1) KO Kabaya G1 Ratbat
Thought this is the normal size, but when open up the package, realised that it is an oversize version! Not sure if same as my oversize cassettes, next time assemble then check... comes with weapons... sigh, did not see the page where the seller offers a set of 4 cassettes for a cheaper price, else will get... anyway, nice piece, hope the assembled piece is ok (not like the KO Kabaya Movie Spyshot, cannot make it... luckily it is free...) Price w/ shipping - $2.70

(2) KO Kabaya G1 Slugfest
Yeah!! The little dinosaur!!!! cute, hahaha.... Price w/ shipping - $2.70

(3) KO Classics Jetfire
Sigh, order a yellow one to mod into Fearswoop, but give me a white one, sianz.. gotto check out for another character liao... Anyway, this seems to be 1 of the better KO Classics Jetfire out in the market... At least the nose cone can split into 2 and flip up at the sides of chest... Price w/ shipping - $10.80

Edit: Opened and fiddled with it for a while... weighs VERY light, which is good, if intend to combine with Classics Optimus Prime, and since backpack is quite light too, it is not too back heavy; long antennas popped out from head easily; some parts are hollow, most joints are quite tight; etc, etc... overall, good!!!

(4) KO Powermaster Joyride
Yeap, the powermaster Joyride, but without the powermaster figurine... I suspect this is part of the morphing power rangers KO toys, looking from the cardboard behind... Price w/ shipping - $9.30

Edit: Plastic is of average quality, slightly below... transformation is unclear, took me a long time to figure out the front part of the car needs to be clipped into the hook at the back of the robot body, to push in the little device for the waist to turn (for making the leg to face in front correctly); spring is a bit short, pulled it out forcefully longer, hope it stays long...

(5) KO RID Galvatron (Downsize???)
Right, this is the RID Megatron/Galvatron mold... I was hoping the figure to be bigger, but seems to be quite small when I unpacked the box and held it on my hands... Will try to open up and see how many transformations it can perform... Price w/ shipping - $13.50

Edit: Opened and managed to transform... 1 mode... loose joints, need to tighten them before getting into any other modes... the small beast hands at the side are real loose...


(1) KO Gun Max
Gun Max! What a weird name... you will never guess how the name is related to the toy, given that it transform from robot to bike... until you see its 3rd mode, yes, a gun, to be used with J-Decker... Around voyager size, this guy has a similar concept of Robotech/Mospeada Ride Amour Cyclone... Price w/ shipping - $13.50

Edit: Opened and realised that it is made of brittle plastics... much like my KO Valkyrie's material... probably due to the oldness... The 2 split wheels need to be touched up before it can be closed completely in bike mode...

(2) Sonokong Thunder Baron Set
Sweet! Gotten this non-KO Brave gestalt, Thunder Baron... A bit surprise by the small size of the robots, and the simplicity of the transformation... but being a non-KO, the plastic quality and QC are so much better... Price w/ shipping - $56.20

(3) KO Shadow Dagwon Set
This is awesome... and dusty... This is the Happywell version, but seems to be the bonus giftset packaging, as this includes a robot figurine, on the right of the picture below... The colours used are exactly the same as the orange colour giftset... I have a KO of the Dagshadow, slightly remolded, and ugly... so quite happy.. correction, VERY happy to pick up this set... Price w/ shipping - $41.80

Edit: I believe this is the oversize version, as I read from 1 website that the legit version is around 10" tall, this one is around 12"....

(4) KO Guard Diver
Its a vintage KO, MOSC!!!!!! The reverse of the card packaging shows the instructions, and its so old... The front of the bubble is giving way soon, and can see the yellowing is very bad on the white plastics... which I do not care... Sweet.... Price w/ shipping - $39.80

Pok-gai, but happy....

Advertise a bit here:
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  1. How big is the Thunder Baron combined? Very cool haul you got there ;)

  2. Hi Zhariff, thanks for giving me an excuse to pull out the Thunder Baron from storage (no time to display my KOs & TFs) and see the daylight, hahaha... He is about 23cm to the tip of (red) head, around 26cm to the tip of the shoulder cannon... Thanks! Yeap, I was very happy to have gotten so many Brave stuff in 1 haul... I read from and from that there is new good quality KO Classics Jetfire with almost no simplifications (less springs in booster & opaque windows)!