Sunday, August 8, 2010

Update - KO Kabaya Powermaster Optimus Prime

Was deciding whether to continue assemble the Macross Valkyrie or a KO Kabaya kit... In the end, choose the latter... and decided to assemble this... Kabaya Powermaster Optimus Prime!!! And it turn out to be a sweet little gem...

KO Kabaya Powermaster Optimus Prime with trailer...

Optimus Prime in his cab mode... Notice the details are so rich, for such a small piece, and remember, this is a KO...

Optimus Prime in bot mode ... compare to my mini Ginrai pic below it, transformation is exactly the same, and the colours are near too!!!

Rifle seems a bit too large....

Guess what, the trailer can form the Battle Station!!! Compare to my mini version below this pic, not much difference... except got to modify the rifles' positions for the KO Kabaya version...

And now the best mode we have been waiting for... Super Powermaster Optimus Prime!!!! (sorry, not sure of the proper name, and lazy to find out, hahaha...)... painted the face, for fun... almost identical to my mini version!!!!!! Amazing....

Looks tall, from this angle... "Super Powermaster OP does not need any weapon, my super(natural) powers will defeat you!!!"...

"... or maybe not..."
Feel like painting some of the parts to bring out the essence... maybe...


  1. Hi, can you still find this model kit in your country??? I've been looking for it for a long time. Can you help and direct me how to get one? Please email me at Thank you!!!

  2. Hi,I bought this in 2009, from a flea market stall owner, has not seen him since then. Very rare to find old KOs and even rarer to find KO Kabaya kits in S'pore now.

  3. KO as it is,it seems a very,very worthy buy.wish I can find one as well :(

  4. Hi bro Zhariff, agreed, this is a very rich in details piece of KO Kabaya, details are very clear. Its like almost impossible to find one now..

    1. Hi Akuna,

      Any chance you could post your email here so I could contact you? I would be interested in buying some of your Kabaya (this one included) if you are up for selling.



    2. Hi Jason, nope, not selling my Kabayas, sorry.