Monday, May 3, 2010

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of TFs (48) - Takara Armada Megatron

wow, "next time" is fast... anyway, got this piece at Parkway Parade's Comics Connection... Saw it at Tampines somewhere last year, but did not buy... Opened up and fiddle with it for a while... Simple transformation for a voyager, even simpler than Classics Jetfire... but the gimmick are PLENTY.... lots of sounds, ports for the minicon to connect, fold outs (for city mode or connection to Tidal Wave, I believe...) Looks good for display (which I WILL try to finish converting my cupboard to a display rack for my TFs... but with my TFs getting large in numbers, I wonder if I can fit them all in... nevermind, worry later...)

Ok, seems to have gotten most of the major Primes and Megs (with cartoons)... except the Beast era (which I still hate, hahaha...) eh, no ah, I got the dinosaur Megatron, hahaha...

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