Thursday, May 27, 2010

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (51) - Oversized ROTF Legends Bumblebee, Undersized TFA Grimlock

My haul today:

KO Oversized ROTF Legends Bumblebee
This little figure is lying around the kiosk for a few weeks... did not pick him up as earlier felt that I already have quite some Bumblebees... but in the end relented... quite a nice piece of KO, joints are tight, only a small crack on 1 of the side mirror... thighs are yellow though... oh, yes, this is blown to around Scouts-size...

KO Undersized TFA Grimlock
Saw this piece at the kiosk and initially did not want this piece as already have the Henkei version and the remoulded G2 version... Well, in the end... This is the voyager piece, but downsized to deluxe-size. The sword is just a simple 2-piece moulds screwed together, without the "flame-out" gimmick... Read from some reviews that this reduced sized sword is still able to fit into the hand of the legit normal size one... no more clear plastics here, so chest is plain compared to the legit one... but personally feels it looks nicer...

Opened up and have to swap the robot arms / dino legs... Leg joints are loose, fists' thumbs are too... overall is nice...

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  1. man! I would love to get my hands on a scout class size Bumblebee