Sunday, April 18, 2010

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (46) - KO ROTF Legends Starscream

Was at CSC today, but couldn't find any good TFs to buy... Ok, my "good" means cheap... Went over to Bugis... finally saw a KO Movie Leader Optimus Prime with no obvious simplification to head, chest or feet... but too late, I have already "(almost) restored" my simplified version...

Am now struggling whether to get the KO Movie Prime or not... or to use the $ instead for a ROTF Prime...

Went to the Sin Tat toy shop, not much TFs too... and bought this below... because it is cheap, $1 only... This should be the ROTF version because of the tattoo...


  1. so temped!! could you let me know where I could get those goody and KO KABAYA G1 kits in at any convenient location?^^

  2. Hi! The above I got from the Sin Tat toy shop which is opposite Bugis Juncton (or is it Seiyu??), along the street where Qi Ji (selling mee-siam, nasi lemak) is... The KO Kabaya Kits are gotten last year from a stall in CSC (selling KO TFs, mainly G1s like Springer, Cyclonus etc)... Still saw the stall set up last Sunday in CSC, you might want to ask them if they still have. Hope this infor helps! =)