Saturday, October 12, 2019

AoYi 奥意 Sai Star Commander 塞星司令官 a.k.a. KO Transformers Studio Series SS-38 Optimus Prime

Costs SGD19.34... Plastic quality is quite ok, has a bit of the rubbery feel to it, i.e. softer plastic. The physical toy has a slightly duller/darker colour than that seen in the video. Mine is the batch 2+ version, with the hips assembled correctly. The legs are slightly changed, according to some other Chinese reviewers. The leg-shin parts do not tab in properly, but are neither floppy, just that I still feel a bit uncomfortable when handling or transforming the legs. Due to the chest is made of die-cast now, the holes on the body needs to be trimmed a bit to allow the window-chest to be flatter and lesser slant. For the truck bumper, I just cannot make the top piece to be flushed completely with the main bumper. Most joints are tight enough, though some can be better. Overall a good KO...

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