Thursday, April 27, 2017

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of 3rd-Party TFs (190) - Mech Planet Hot Soldiers series HS-03 Sound Track and HS-04 Laser Bird

Birthday present has arrived!!! Quite happy to get this little Soundwave, after the purchase of the small Galvatron / Galvontron... Costs approximately SGD20.35... Nice nice nostalgic box-art...

To de-tombed!!!!

In his sound recorder mode... Chest is able to open (manually) to fit in Laser Bird (Laserbeak) in his cassette mode!!! So cute...

Robot mode... joints are mostly sufficiently tight, except for the shoulder hinge joint which does not really tab in tight enough to move the arm easily... may need to work on it... Again, cute little Laserbeak !!! also there is no place to tab it securely to Soundwave but can place on his shoulder...

Size comparison with the KO Oversize "Galvontron"... which I think is a perfect fit!!!


  1. I was browsing for KO info and found your site. Very nice! Going to bookmark. I also write blogs, mostly electronic gadget reviews but occasionally on toys. Here's one:

    1. Many thanks for the compliments! Have read ur post too, very detailed.