Thursday, December 29, 2016

Titans Return Sixshot with KO Kabaya Counterpart

Quick comparison of the Titans Return Brainstorm with his KO Kabaya Counterpart, since I have no G1 version to compare with... The Kabaya mold is quite similar to the G1 version... First, jet mode...

The headmasters...

Head on!!!! The Kabaya mold is fantastic, it even retains the chest tech-specs feature... and TR Brainstorm can now hold the 2 nosecone guns... nice...


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  2. Where can you get these sets still? Do you have any doubles for sale ? Any way i can email you ?

    1. The KO Kabaya Brainstorm? That was long time ago I bought from a local seller at a flea market. The TR Brainstorm I got it from Taobao, u can try eBay but may cost more there. No doubles for both, sorry.

    2. Is the ko kabaya seller ever going online? Id love to buy him out