Thursday, September 29, 2016

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of TFs (185) - Ttians Return Apeface

Its free, bought with a TRU voucher, hahaha.... and so tempted to get a loose TR Hardhead to modify it into a good TR Apeface body...

Here's a closeup look of the contents...


  1. Good day fellow cybertronian. 1st of all, I enjoy myself reading your blog. I like your modifications but I never try those myself though. Not enough energon in me I presume LOL. Wanna ask you something. I know that there is a KO version of Springer, produced by Taikongzhans (if I am not mistaken). How can I call this Springer in the Taobao search? Mandarin or Cantonese are not my language. Thank you and keep on doing modifications, dude. Really dig those!!

  2. Hi, thank you for your compliments! Springer is often called 弹簧 (more common) or 百丈跳 in Chinese transformers names. Taikongzhans is, I believe, truncated word for Taikongzhanshen (太空战神), however, searches in Taobao using 太空战神 will not give transformers items (yes, it is that weird in Taobao). You can try keywords combinations using eg. 变形金刚 (transformers), idw 弹簧, 祖国 (Local; normally means KO or bootleg). I tried to do a quick search but nowadays seem to have only the KO IDW Sandstorm (product webpage name also have the name Springer in it). Hope this helps and best of luck in your search.

    1. first of all, thank you so much for your guidance. my eyes were raped LOL when i tried those keywords. i even stumbled upon 3rd party G1 Springer. quite a nice looking solid figure i guess. and i want that too now hahaha. again thank you bro. really help me so much