Sunday, March 20, 2016

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of Fan-Made (177) - Articulated Devastator Hands

Bought these hands from a Taobao seller, to replace my KO TFC Hercules's bad-articulated hands... The seller claim that he designs these hands for the Combiner Wars Devastator but don't want to wast the design so made a few more to sell, and he successfully modded the connector to fit for KO TFC Hercules... Need to trim and perhaps sand the surfaces smooth...  also need to paint them metallic purple... Hope my paint still has enough... Costs about SGD 9.25...


  1. Could you post the link to where you bought them?

  2. The seller has not remove the listing after I bought this from him. You may want to contact him to check if he is willing to print out more of this hands. The link I bought it from is