Sunday, May 17, 2015

Modifications-Restorations: KO TFC Hercules 改造-修复: 国产 KO TFC大力神 (金宝+中山版)

Decided to paint up the purple parts of the KO TFC Hercules and any other remaining minor touching ups... And for this post, will be using the Constructicons' names instead of the TFC names... First up, the Constructicons landing with an all so popular 3 point landing / ground punch pose... Hahahaha...

"Scrapper arrives!!! Constructicons, report!!!"





"Long Haul!"

"All Constructicons accounted for!"

Let the pictures do the talking...




3 places to put the cabin... Each with its advantage and disadvantage...



Long Haul

"Constructicons, merge to form... Devastator!!! Phase 1... Now combine!!!!"

..Finally, the form which is the reason that almost everyone who bought TFC Hercules, KO or not, for... Devastator!!!!! "Hi all *wave hand*, I am Devastator!"... Hahahahaha....

Did not paint the rifle gun to metallic purple as I wanted it to be better differentiated from the hand when held...

And finally a comparison picture of the Devastator before and after the modifications-restorations... And yes, probably this will be the transformer that I will be displaying outside the Detolf cabinets...

Edit: This picture will be a better comparison of the original V2 KO TFC Hercules and after the modding and restoring...

Now waiting for my KO MP-12, KO MP-10U Ultra Magnus (which I will paint to Optimus Prime colours in metallic), KO RTS Legends OP, and X-Transbots Apollyon aka Not-Masterpiece-Megatron... Sigh... Other countries have received their stock but not China, and the ironic thing is that China is the country that is making them... SIgh... hopefully they will not push beyond June... Hopefully...


  1. Hey where do you get all the KO kabaya kits from ? I would love to get some, they are one of my favorite lines to collect.. Sorry if this message repeated, i can not tell if it sent or not..

    1. Hey I got from various sources, some from local flea market, a couple from You can search online on how to purchase from Taobao (but may need to engage a Taobao agent if you are not in China), or try, heard it is similar to Taobao.

  2. What brand of paint did you use for the purple? Handpaint or airbrush?

    1. Hand-painted using Mr Hobby - "Mr. Metallic COLOUR GX Metallic Violet GX207"

    2. where did u get the parts for the hip skirt for the Devastator mode

    3. From the unwnated spare chest piece, see for picture.