Friday, February 27, 2015

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (171) - KO TFC Madblender (V1), KO TFC Structor (V1)

Haul from arrived tonight... Also bought a small bottle of metallic purple paint... Main attraction is the Version 1 KO TFC Madblender and Structor, with a total cost about SGD23.50 ...

This version of the KO Madblender has a movable waist that allows gestalt foot to tilt in open-leg stance. I am thinking of cutting and mixing up the 2 verisons to achieve a better Madblender... Hopefully all goes well...

Similarly, V1's Structor also has the movable waist for gestalt feet to tilt. V2's weird ball joints at the shovel part did not work well for the feet tilt in gestalt mode, so this feature in V1 will be greatly appreciated... Again, I will be cutting and mixing parts for KO Structors.

Back of the packaging, which has the same graphical contents for both KOs.


  1. Heh, 3rd party stuff is now being KO'd. Nothing is safe!