Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Minor Update: Bootleg G1 Terrocons

Suspect this set is one of the factory rejects (maybe failed QC..????), if there is such checks for TF bootlegs.... After some trimming and attempts to "perfectize" the Terrocons, a good enough Abominus is born... Hahaha... Joints are relatively tight enough, not too bad...

Big headed Abominus, so weird... Finally a "complete" Abominus (as compared to the cheap KO one that has 2 Technobot limbs)...

Edit: Update picture of the stickers applied...


  1. I heard that the Terrorcons were coming out again (from China at least). Glad to see they look so nice and you are happy w/ your purchase. Now to find a left fist and my vintage Abominus will finally be complete!

  2. Thanks! =) Good luck in your search for the left fist! =)