Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bedok CC Flea Market - 10th March 2013


Hi friends (in Singapore)! Bedok Community Centre will be holding its monthly flea market on 10th March, Sunday, 8.30am to 12pm. I will be putting up a place to sell some of my (mostly loose) KO transformers as well as authentic transformers and other stuff. Come and have a look! See ya! =)

p.s. (17th Feb) Big THANK YOU to all whom have purchased from my little "booth" today, thanks thanks!!! =)

Edit (10th Mar): 
A BIG THANK YOU to all whom have help to purchase from my humble stall today, thank you thank you...


  1. Hi,
    May I know is the flea still available every month? If so, text me 81233753 :)

  2. Hi, it shld be, I guess, not very sure, you can try to ask the Bedok CC staff on the latest date that they might be organizing one. =)

  3. Where are you from. Where u got all the ko's

  4. Singapore. And its written right on the first line of this post! =)