Saturday, January 7, 2012

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs & TF (125) - KO Quake, KO Oversize PE Reflector, KO Oversize G1 Reflector, RTS Trailbreaker

Received my haul from TaoBao just now...

KO Quake
This roughly deluxe sized KO Quake is made by Happywell, and is quite good, with ratcheting joints still there, just without the 2 targetmasters. The blank space is actually the robot with its picture in the bottom corner of the box, but gave it to my nephew before I remember to take a picture... Anyway, my main target is also just Quake, so seems a bit costly too... Price approx. $16.55.

KO Oversize PE Reflector
Could not resist getting this KO of a Third-Party... Have not open up yet so unable to experience personally the super-flexible plastic... Maybe open up later... Sweet... Price approx. $17.15
Edit: Wonderful piece of KO! Most of the joints are relatively tight, and the camera is quite HUGE! Yes, no doubts some of the the shoulder attachments and such are not tight, and some simplifications means some features eg. shield not holdable, etc, these do not affect much of the play value of this KO! ...

KO Oversize G1 Reflector
Yeah, gotten this last piece, which also seems to be the cheapest non-loose piece, in TaoBao... so was quite happy... Price approx. $26.05.
Edit: Wow! Again am pleasantly surprised by the mostly tight joints (except for the middle-guy with quite loose legs... but can be rectified, hahaha...), and good stickers. The middle-guy also has his shoulder "pins" modified (I don't have the authentic one but I seen from Youtube the review, so...), looking like a sloping cone at the tip now, but doesn't affect transformation... These figures are roughly a head smaller than the KO Oversize PE Reflector figures, and so the camera formed is also a bit smaller. But still , great! ... and have fun pressing the red bot's head (which simulates a camera's shooting button)... Oh, the missile launcher works well too! Wicked...

KO Jumpstarter
Its free!!! Hahaha... Was given by the seller of the above KO Oversize G1 Reflector, and seeing how my nephew is a bit gloomy due to his fever, I gave him this too... and he is happy tonight, with a robot "Knight" (he named the earlier robot a Knight as the toy has a shield) and a "super-quick-change" transformer... The pull back motor and auto-snap-transform features are not there, too bad...

RTS Trailbreaker
Refused to call it Trailcutter... Gotten my 1st deliberate loose TF bought (not counting the KO J-Decker and KO Sixshot which the seller sends loose...)... Immediately washed with anti-bacterial soap, hahahaha... Not bad! Joints are reasonably tight, and only need to work on 1 hole which was a bit too tight for the leg peg to fit in when putting the legs together... Very very close homage to G1 Trailbreaker, and improved... Seller also included a free KO Kabaya Chain Gun... $5.05.

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