Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (84) - KO Hun-Grr, KO mini Doubledealer, KO Kabaya skyfire, KO Kabaya Titanium Soundwave

Collected haul from today, rather unexpectedly, as I thought if they miss yesterday's deadline, I would have to wait till after CNY... But surprise! This is a good display of professionalism, as they mention in the website that they are trying to deliver to customers before CNY as much as possible. Kudos to Please keep up the good work (and employ more staff during festive seasons, of course, when the service starts to dipped a little)

KO Hun-Grr
I REALLY SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SO GREEDY TO ORDER THIS, AFTER SEEING IT WRITTEN AS 10 YUAN, AND THOUGHT IT IS A GOOD BARGAIN. I WAS WRONG. And when this piece arrived, I realise I can't swap the hands with my old (undersize) Hun-Grr... sigh... if I use the whole TF (with lousier plastics, non-ratcheted joints, no-chestplate) to replace, it ... ok, maybe give up... use it for spare parts... really expensive spare parts... maybe can tear up for KO Flame Convoy... or repaint????? SG Hun-Grr???

KO mini Doubledealer
It is CUTE!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha... pity, humanoid powermaster cannot transform... maybe troublesome to mod... I think transformation is not simplified... at least not with my KO normal size version... no powermaster gimmick of course...

KO Kabaya Henkei Skyfire
Bought this again as last time bought got a Cybertron Starscream inside... sickening... Luckily this time inside is correctly packed... Then realised that I had bought the legit Kabaya version... Hahahahaha.... nevermind...

KO Kabaya Titanium Soundwave
Wow, this is cute, inside is really parts for a mini Titanium Soundwave.. so now I got both undersize and oversize Titanium Soundwave (which I call him Titaniumwave for easier reference)...


  1. hello where you got the figure of mini doubledealer, it was purchased online or in your city? you can sell me one if you get it? would be great!

  2. Hello. I bought it online, from a China site Sorry, I think I sold it off in a flea market earlier already.