Thursday, July 15, 2010

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of KOs (59) - KO Ultra Raker, KO Alternator Prime

Finally received my last 2 parcels from GO TaoBao Shopping...

KO Ultra Raker (slightly simplified)
Haha, this is the pioneer of the symmetrical docking gestalt, way before the Horyu, Enryu etc guys... Very very very very very old piece of KO, side of bubble is torn, and the staples doesn't seem to do a good job over the years, as the KO itself has a thick layer of dust... and the card has a WEIRD smell... decided to throw the card away after taking some pictures.... Surprisingly, most joints are tight... but... FACE IS CANNOT-MAKE-IT! Need to do something... Individual heads are also missing... but should be able to fix... nice piece...

KO Alternator/Binaltech Optimus Prime
Not sure if this is the Alternator or Binaltech version, feels heavy but did not really open up inside package to transform into robot mode... Anyway, just from observation, should be a very NICE piece of KO... What's interesting is the instruction is so close to the real Hasbro's instruction sheet (of course, they copy all the pics and just amend the title), even the same type of paper quality... Box in the pictures looks nice but actually is pretty worn out... but I won't care anyway...

Yeap, should be stopping KO hunting for some time... broke after buying so many...


  1. so tempted to buy it... could you tell me where to buy it though?
    is it located at your local area or buying online?

  2. Its a sort of online shopping agent ( for and is based in Singapore. Think there are other TaoBao agents that may serve other countries, if you re not in Singapore region.

    Not sure of how good the real Alternator OP is, but this bootleg is definitely "A" standard =)