Thursday, February 26, 2009

Constructicons Army (KO)

Saw some people over the forums mentioning about wst Constructicons not really that wst... actually, there are 3 sizes of KO Constructicons, the normal size, mini size and the micro (wst) size... maybe just slightly a bit bigger... KO is indeed sweeter than original, in this case...

"Constructicons-es, merge into ... Devastators!"

"Phase 1 !!!"

"Phase 2! ... Nothing, can stop Devastators!"


I saw on Youtube how 1 guy has WST constructicons. I believe his is the mini version, not the micro (wst) one. And he was showing how some of the wheels are molded, not fixed with wheels. Also, Bonecruchser's arms are simplified with lesser joints such that they cannot fold down properly. Strange thing is that both my mini and micro sized versions have no such problems. All have rollable wheels like their actual sized counterpart. Only Longhauls arms may have been simplified a bit, but did not affect the posing much. Perhaps there are other KO makers who just lazy to do so many parts and simplify. Its a shame, really, cos Constructicons are one of the best (G1) gestalt teams in design. They have better individual bot/vehicle modes compared to most of the Scramble City gestalts. Well, I guess I must thank my lucky stars that I bought the better articulated mini and micro sized Constructicons. Sweet.


  1. Had these last year,and my 3year old nephew just had to crush them before my very eyes.SWEET...

  2. Ouch... that must be heart-breaking... I kindda like these undersized TFs, I mean, these bootleegers can come out with WST sized figures just by shrinking, and I'm sure many WST collectors may just be glad they have more than the official released TFs now to display on their shelves... I also do have a 4 yr old nephew, and I only dare to let him play with my "sturdier" TFs, the G1 Ironhide & Ratchet.. Don't allow him to transform though...

  3. I found the mini versions on ebay for really cheap, cost me $1.50 or so, but shipping from Mongolia cost another $13.00 or so but $15.00 for it is not bad. they are in the mail as I speak. I am glad I stumbled across this review before I got them. thanks

  4. Hi -TK3636, most welcomed, and congrats on your purchase on one of the grand-daddy of the G1 gestalts! This is also and will still always be on e of my favorite gestalt. Congrats!