Monday, October 10, 2011

Side-Tracked: Recent Haul of TFs (111) - KO Claw Jaw + Rockbuster + Megaligator, KO Tigatron, KO Ligier, G1 Gong, DOTM Shockwave, DOTM Skyhammer

Haul from TaoBao came tonight.... Happy about the items, but concerned of how careless / more effort needed from the agent to take note of the "Notes", as I specifically ask the agent to repack some items but they still came in the seller's (bigger) box... Nevermind, don't ruin my joy...

KO Claw Jaw + Rockbuster + Megaligator
Megaligator!!!!!! The "Dr. Curt Connors" of Transformers! Hahahaha... OK, actually it is BW Megatron (alligator) since it is green in colour, but I like the name Megaligator more... Gotten this set of 3 Beast Wars scouts, like them very much, but not sure of the quality... Price ~ $14.80 (1 set)

*Edit: Mixed quality, some good joints, some very loose.. Megaligator has a new way of transforming.. very simplified joints that sometimes affect the alternate mode, need to remake the joints... Rockbuster has missing upper arms, need to find replacements...

KO Tigatron
The last piece seller has in stock! Yeah, got the "tiger" version, and was quite glad that the head seems to retain the mutant head feature, and tail also has a gun... but need to open up the tomb and see... should I paint some metallic into it??? Hmmmm.... Price ~ $6.80

* Edit: Bad plastic-ky chemical smell emits out when I detomb it... Plastic is thick... solid feel, for a KO... Almost 95% similar to original colour, transformation is same, and all joints except the arms ball joints, are tight! No "water-gun" feature though...

KO Ligier
Bought this because of the good experience of the green colour version bought earlier... hope this one still retains the tight joints! Price ~ $3.60

* Edit: Yes, all joints, except 1 feet joint, are tight, as expected! needs some trimming though... due to the thin plastic, the waist joint is to be handled with care... but that is really a design flaw...

Moving on to non-KOs...

G1 Gong (Brawn) (Keychain, Takara)
My KO Kabya G1 Gong seems to be giving way in the legs, getting wobbly, so decided to get a legit one, hoping will get a cheap one... and I did... though I later then saw one that was sealed on card... Anyway, quite a good buy... Price ~ $5.80

DOTM Shockwave
Cheap!!!! Cheaper than the 2 for $50 at CSC. This & DOTM Skyhammer cost $23.20 each, and now my DOTM Voyagers total to 4. Not thinking of getting the Sentinel Prime (Voyager), since already gotten the (lousy) KO Leader version... Shall call him Laserwave...

DOTM Skyhammer
Very unique way to store the helicopter blades in robot mode... very nice... Price ~ $23.20


  1. Do you have a contact email? I was hoping you might consider selling some of your G1 Kabaya KO's to me. I am having trouble finding them these days and would be interested in some.

  2. Hi, so sorry, but I don't intend to sell off my TFs. Best of luck in your search! =)